The Hindu Crossword 9358

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M. Manna


 1 Partner to detective is not easily disturbed (6)

 4 Builders putting a point to university heads (8)

10 Applause is of little account, right? (7)

11 Study a hole in the rocks which is deeper in the centre (7)

12 Require to struggle hard to go to Illinois (4)

13 The timekeeper has little help (6,4)

16 Al arranges scan of navigational water courses (6)

17 Road rules are made on decisions of a council (7)

20 Writer of recent events (7)

21 Music for a formal entrance (6)

24 Notes the answer could be indulgence (10)

25 Bill takes congressman to the temporary quarters of army (4)

27 GI in UAE meets up with her (7)

29 Sore back I have is wearing (7)

30 He values a vessel with an arrangement of roses (8)

31 Always brave? Hardly (2,4)


 1 Do put in the amount asked for professional work (8)

 2 In their professional capacity they have lots to offer (11)

 3 Four assembled for one Russian (4)

 5 Got one’s cash back from car with red body (8)

 6 Con queen on road by appearing to follow natural deduction (10)

 7 Duck lays best eggs (3)

 8 In Germany see path developed for horses (6)

 9 Ma returns for a small tool for boring in rooky precincts (5)

14 Choice available at tea interval, possibly (11)

15 Fifty closely garbed, sensualists all (10)

18 Best not to take gas in this large South American city (8)

19 Harvest fruit will be seen again (8)

22 Virginia given permission to go to a dance (6)

23 Commanding officer of French quarter uses cipher to communicate (5)

26 Prefers to be single to go around Oslo (4)

28 Besides used for lighting it can be used in warfare (3)



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