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The Hindu Crossword 9211

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 1 Happened fortuitously for the new engineer to be in Chad (7)

 5 Call at public house for gymnastic exercises (7)

 9 Henry resides in a nice appropriate place (5)

10 A melancholy old schoolmaster might put his capital into them (4,5)

11 Steer many out to perform a bone surgery (6)

12 They do not take one’s own, but others’ issues (8)

14 Son returns quarter of loaded cargo (5)

15 Nearly set wrong in a serious way (9)

18 Lost at sea? (3,6)

20 Men from city holidaying out west (5)

22 Standard ideas revised in Garden of Eden (8)

24 Engineer accepts different role for the West Indian of Mixed Spanish blood (6)

26 I dealt one to myself at just the right moment (5,4)

27 Eyed impertinently at the French with the dog around (5)

28 Support America having stain all over (7)

29 General pardon for little woman brandishing Sten (7)


 1 As a vocalist she’s low in the register (9)

 2 Charge brought against Bill by many employed by him (7)

 3 Sound increase in score displayed round about the finish (9)

 4 Many bet foolishly only to be in obligation (4)

 5 Sure sign they’ll be big hits (10)

 6 Briefly go over the main points (5)

 7 Noteworthy pit surrounded by another ten (7)

 8 Fails to be successful (5)

13 Unhappiness caused by a slump (10)

16 Duck below the bedcover (9)

17 The past twentyfour hours (9)

19 They are the agriculturists (7)

21 Scribbles but does included old camouflage (7)

22 Rises quietly in order to peep into something private (5)

23 A Greek letter on alluvial deposit at the river mouth (5)

25 I’m at South American flat topped hill (4)



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