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The Hindu Crossword 9182

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 1 Crossword compilers — the dogs! (7)

 5 Certain to find in old city quarter, the moneylenders (7)

10 A horse staggered to the beach (6)

11 An archbishop can be so worthy of praise (8)

12 Ohio mountain fruit (6)

13 Endeavours a personal assault on someone’s life (8)

14 An order allowing no opposition (6)

15 A tyrant who does interfere with training (6)

18 Competent in a perverse way, to make lists (6)

20 Bind in gratitude, the close listener (6)

23 Liken his resort to a place in Scandinavia (8)

25 Converts as near as possible, to sporting stadiums (6)

26 Make things even worse for the pound (3,2,3)

27 Could be near the capital (6)

28 Turn for the worse — casting pearls before swine, finally (7)

29 Plunder new fangled idol inwardly telepathic? (7)


 2 To make certain give direction to nurse (6)

 3 Bird places beak on a prickly plant (9)

 4 Select again by vote (7)

 6 Pole tracked and sidetracked (7)

 7 Right of male to have his sphere of action (5)

 8 One of the family gives Rex great joy (8)

 9 Ancient and conveying impression of natural eminence (3,2,3,5)

16 Travel in this out of this world (9)

17 Am as keen as can be to have the same designation (8)

19 Not right to land with dope in North African boats (7)

21 Fear Ted may become a conscript (7)

22 Sarah meets French boyfriend to get some sausage (6)

24 A Mexican with a bandage wound round his injured limb (5)



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