The Hindu Crossword 9011

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 1 The stimulus of a professional career (11)

 9 Establish a soft location (7)

10 Crude container, perhaps (3,4)

11 Indian sweet in a Dunbar fishmonger’s (5)

12 In duty, worker is relentless (9)

13 Informer who managed to back ruler (4)

15 Flowering plant that could, in Goa, be different (7)

19 First of outpatients, nervous, lacking heart, is difficult (7)

20 Gala entertainment for a charge: about time (4)

24 The Rani’s chef is prepared for the right to vote (9)

25 Whether in the puma or tapir, it is an important artery (5)

27 American fish with a life we transformed (7)

28 Lack of rain is harsh in the borders of a district (7)

29 Having defective vision but blessed with prudent judgment (4-7)


 1 Something to write on in The Hindu maybe (5)

 2 Primary source of golden spirit, containing iodine (6)

 3 Clothes, though not in fashion, are suitable (6)

 4 Havoc due to disturbance is guaranteed (8)

 5 Deceptive impression of oil in U.S.: large blunder (8)

 6 Girl reportedly tells an untruth, to bring things to the usual state (9)

 7 Gun with a brace in disrepair (7)

 8 Give a big blow to small creature (5)

14 Sound the chime to jog the memory (4,1,4)

16 Resistance to include a bit of ribaldry in a story (8)

17 The trade in busses is curious (8)

18 Goes away from French region (7)

21 The toff alleges presence of decomposing meat here (5)

22 Experienced sailor could reportedly spot divinity in reverse (3,3)

23 A rich stew for an artist with inflammation of the joints (6)

26 Apparatus I’d found to be stiff (5)



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