The Hindu Crossword 8830

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1 Artists use it to tint paper so craftily (6,5)

9 Exclude a leader of troublemakers, one with a low title (7)

10 Muscle that goes round both ways (7)

11 Faithful and true, but all confused about hollow oratory (5)

12 Caries in a bad state create great disturbance (5,4)

13 Small hole in the ground over which to roast meat (4)

15 Police officer, reportedly honoured in the U.K., is kindled (7)

19 Put in a paper cover (7)

20 The girl's love for a star (4)

24 A coke trip could become the cause of a flier's abrupt drop in height (3,6)

25 Get to know about legendary king, Pole (5)

27 Substance extracted by an examiner alert to opportunities (7)

28 Non-professional performer perhaps, but...

29 ... is proved to be a blessed hit somehow (11)


1 Celebration for getting right into compensation (5)

2 Unmarried one (6)

3 The book in a European republic is complete (6)

4 Would gore drip out of this dish? (8)

5 Unsettled, like the ball about to be caught (2,3,3)

6 Private chat gets two heads together in France (4-1-4)

7 Stop a boil erupting in the remains of a burn (7)

8 Second-grade skating facility on the verge of an event (5)

14 Not knowing a "blissful" state (9)

16 New MO traced to an American partyman (8)

17 Reserve a bat at a readers' association (4,4)

18 Rural administrative division straddling river (7)

21 Trees that may be read by a fortune-teller (5)

22 Artist's representation of grey layer clouds (6)

23 A wash out for PGW's butler accepting money (6)

26 People in these days make right what is wrong (5)



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