The Hindu crossword 8695

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1 Places earmarked for those who deserve rest, as ordered (8,5)

9 One who puts things right or changes them (7)

10 Garland guaranteed to bring relaxation (7)

11 Could a Roosevelt tolerate a stuffed toy? (5,4)

12 Special robes expected to cover the fat (5)

13 Feel sleepy if English word's misspelt (6)

14 Appointment of a representative of French heritage (8)

17 Where to get clean spa town in England with space (8)

19 Money short: sibling gets cordial (6)

23 Non-uniform civilian clothes (5)

25 Begin to make a speech about one drink (9)

26 Age is no cure for acute pains (7)

27 A useful tool but, in the works, an impediment (7)

28 Time for practical jokes for Lloyd of Paris, a deviant (5,5,3)


1 Hauled over the coals and well and truly cooked (7)

2 Fast vessel beats dope runner (9)

3 Inflamed features common in snapshots (3,4)

4 Breadwinner shows some clear nervousness (6)

5 Getting regular pay, but ladies are endlessly worried (8)

6 The plug I sit for is about fat (7)

7 Cheek that is common to goose and gander? (5)

8 Where is beer made? In a British jug, last in display (7)

15 Sailor, tarnished, did not cast his vote (9)

16 Huge failure to make money in fuel (8)

17 Pompous talk is a flop when truth dawns (7)

18 More wet national park in Washington (7)

20 David's wife cooked up a good alibi (7)

21 Put complete trust in menswear bypassing others (5,2)

22 Complete failure provided upset when company trailed (6)

24 Plant life in American state I'd missed (5)

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