Solution to puzzle 11101


9Beer can opener from East German plant (7)

10Orange yellow pair frolicking on bed (7)

11Look at the servant, spoiling the wall (7)

12Tyre said to be coming off running vehicle (7)

13May be friend garners support from a rabble rouser (9)

15Stood for Tory leader who’s below par (5)

16State is getting Republican support (7)

19Correct soldier’s uniform (7)

20Indian town retains staff with ease (5)

21I have noticed in a metal — they are very hard (9)

25Convert Uranium found in the space buggy (7)

26European city record included in the figure (7)

28Confused seeing small book (7)

29A prophet brought it back, by the way it’s only for the very best (7)


1Mare and donkey provided on mountain range (6)

2What the heavens send down to inflict on soldiers? (6)

3The concluding piece retrieved from a document (4)

4One following a Goddess (6)

5It is about real and correct schedule (8)

6I’m scared, he perhaps is the one who ran out of the bath (10)

7True account by a man of god (8)

8Laws in parts of our country including Diu and Daman (8)

14Born on a tree and died on a tree? It doesn’t make sense (10)

16They have nothing to record on the subject (8)

17Flowery arrangement plenty around Queen (8)

18May be ages before soldiers on board let it grow underwater (8)

22Lot of noise over the scam (6)

23Strive to include egg in his diet, he may refuse (6)

24When is he at home to take cover? (6)

27Warren decapitated a PM once (4)