Solution to puzzle 11077


1Good man, returning from party at German prisoner-of-war camp (6)

4Amble, from start to finish, with mountain creatures (6)

9Aquatic organisms lose heart, grow wings (4)

10Admitting heartless yahoo into urgent matters (10)

11Hesitate to replace head of one of the two with dummy head (6)

12Greek God protects Israel from gradual destructions (8)

13Awareness of one surrounded by doom (9)

15Speculate patron’s unfinished origin story (5)

16Frighten Southern fish, cut off tail with knife finally (5)

18Made irate face at restaurant (9)

22This outbreak occurred when pigs took flight, we hear (5,3)

23Noisy quarrel between a couple of followers and fish? (6)

25German woman, partly dull, assisted criminal (10)

26Cook taking single off main… (4) bowler residing in Chinese America (6)

28Censures element from beginning to end (6)


1Father protect a lean toddler initially with cross (7)

2Character of beer indicates acidity level (5)

3Defame regular boys intrinsically (7)

5Maker of apparel for antelope (6)

6Sluggishness of girl regularly into headless guy (9)

7Sounds made by boy and his relatives lack unity initially (7)

8Classifications of dreadful, unclean metros (13)

14Spider natural at traumatizing… (9)

17… deserters in firm’s divisions (7)

19Precise journalist insisted on… (7)

20… national leader leaving minarets to make Turkish hostels (7)

21Pour out from bottom the iron melt (6)

24Scarf found in specific hutments (5)