Solution to puzzle 11072


1Release cargo of sponge (8)

5Bug busy one to let off (6)

9Decadent doctor I reprove (8)

10Reach peak growth in the garden? (6)

12National staff (4)

13Keep moving around! It’s rousing (10)

15Reportedly devised a celebration for workers (3,3)

17That Spanish-English monarch (5)

20Briefly get to follow America’s custom (5)

21I must be in last crowning piece (6)

24It enables free movement between countries (4,6)

27Just so-so (4)

29Everyone following is fat (6)

30Denies knowledge of saws Ovid propagated (8)

31Goes away to pack stuff in vessel (6)

32Band reportedly seconder released (8)


1Old computer disk is hanging (6)

2Fairly venerable clergyman in cathedral city (6)

3Lady’s man (4)

4Fruit stored in a heap — plenty! (5)

6English rule revised by Swiss mathematician (5)

7Owlets in tangled tugboat cords (8)

8Maddening, cultivating grain in a country short of ground (8)

11Decide to remain with boy swimming across Scottish river (4,2)

14Shot mega quarry (4)

16Puts off reallocation of freed section (6)

17Sound important landing site (4)

18Copper has many set up to get divided skirt (8)

19The French beauty — right one to place tags (8)

22Show partiality to a small number accepting authorised version (6)

23Time primarily scurrilous journalist is got rid of (6)

25Flourish — flourish even as saints desert (5)

26The select Oriental tile is broken (5)

28Destruction said to bring rules (4)