Solution to puzzle 11069


1Stop profiting with counter inducement (10,4)

10Two without one is still two (5)

11Support two boys as they mature (9)

12He advances by a point, it’s meagre (7)

13Vice-chairman started before, to be honest (7)

14Stop getting atomic power (5)

16Spanish saint steeped in sin… it goes on and on (9)

19During battle Lawrence almost ran away with a Cladoceron (5,4)

20Place the Spanish will return to with ease (5)

22Ounce of fat around retired author (7)

25Order to go away with two fruits (7)

27Models ran away from fish (3,6)

28Land owner put down internal resistance (5)

29Mischief maker’s heart set in cash transaction (6,8)


2Humiliation of living in such a part of building (9)

3Try and transplant a gland (5)

4To teach one a lesson, first one should be fair (9)

5Strict usage will contain the attack (5)

6On land mostly dispose of the weeds (9)

7The average person has to throw (5)

8Is it a gift? (7)

9Inactivity of East German police on Sunday (6)

15Preserve and hand over a boy in setter’s custody (9)

17Mails can’t convert people with demands (9)

18They know the risk to perform with universal sign (9)

19It’s very hard for the hunted to chase a hunter (7)

21Bogus claims during work brought up (6)

23Poet will rise and study (5)

24Discharge of French people (5)

26Direction only to tailor material (5)