Solution topuzzle 11057


1The ad Ed cited turned out to be purposeful (9)

5Fundamental language of the computer (5)

8State of sick one followed by endless din (8)

9Revolutionary grabs record in day nursery (6)

11Author, one of two with a touch of amiability (5)

12Wear feathers or wear casual clothes? (5,4)

13Live to conquer desire (6)

14Fliers broadcast in favour of church (3,5)

16A Nazi guard with another at home as a hitman (8)

18Liaison made memorable in a Cary Grant movie (6)

22A large bee in flight is acceptable (9)

23Greek character depicted in the original pharmacopoeia (5)

24Irritable because of a small diaper? (6)

25Nobleman, half affected in manner (8)

26Inhibit stag swallowing a piece of turnip (5)

27Beast born defective, with a sponge-like quality (9)


1The German hiding a crack, homeless, jobless one (7)

2Pretty girls have a right to money (7)

3Anemic president cured of dog’s disease (6,9)

4Tried desperately with nothing but an electronic tube (6)

5Similar people, fliers belonging to a parent packing energy (5,2,1,7)

6Relief for one easily duped, they say (7)

7Inclinations in church to effect a purification (7)

10Part of a type face making flames go up (5)

15State of uncertainty for one thousand born in the outskirts of Lesotho (5)

16Gathered a lot for a celebration by journalist (7)

17Old boy leaves watchful retainer (7)

19Source of a shot for the patient (7)

20Note on a factor used in the lab (7)

21What remains of a girl coming out ahead of rejected knight (6)