Solution to puzzle 11038


1In dispute with data she circulated about the feller (2,11)

10Peers at the ground (5)

11Perhaps use drill on bearing, engineers used it before (5,4)

12Many will affirm common sense is hollow (9)

13It’s a fighter’s cry, my friend (5)

14Happy to harangue about our country (not at home) (7)

16Accommodates as the globe is transformed (7)

18Discipline could start to move it, as they say (7)

20Man of god loses interest in church (7)

22Sharpened hard and done away with (5)

24He helps reform Satanists (9)

26“Putting them in office” is fashionable saying (9)

27Uncle Sam managed to hoard capital (5)

28Grudgingly made Alfred healthy (4-9)


2Did well then, partly to drive away (7)

3Watchful and orderly following a river (9)

4Relish only when down wind (5)

5Not starting to analyze such bad weather (9)

6Measures before a medical procedure (5)

7Party hiring for fire fighting (7)

8Current seating arrangement before departure (8,5)

9Reprimanding sailor for chasing monster at sea (13)

15Wine promoting opera? Doubtful (9)

17Exotic places and scenery (9)

19In this part of the world, men sadly suffer memory loss (7)

21Impediment to melt away the butter inside (7)

23One from diamond harbour lacks height (5)

25It’s sweet to see daily American resurgence (5)