Solution to puzzle 11027


1The kind of locker for East Side fop in distress (4-7)

9Binding a country? (7)

10By speech, Mulligan doesn’t start squirming (7)

11Carry minute symbol (5)

12Sailor, with dye worker, is a teetotalling type (9)

13Deeply involved with taking rook in opener (5)

15Stop fighting in rough, fierce sea (9)

18Look after brilliant duck (6,3)

21French? Yes, cook quickly! (3-2)

22One will be playing amidst art (9)

24Join by just accepting the last of gathering (5)

26Antispetic emergency room is in fashion, we hear (7)

27More than one giant company, see, takes ship with interest (7)

28Break sees me returning in a fluster (11)


1What Hamlet said was rotten in Denmark (9)

2Prime tree on

street (5)

3What you do with this puzzle? Rot! (9)

4Dull as no poem can be (7)

5One lassie’s wandering in Central European region (7)

6Country vehicle? (5)

7In sum, new bird in waterfront (8)

8Denigration from this lurker (4)

14Up to long periods of cultivations (8)

16By a measure, I will get into repute at home in France (2,7)

17It’s a nice way to refer to something that is unmentionable (9)

19Famous nine met in trouble (7)

20Orient cretin has fallen to tempting person (7)

22Record find not finished (4)

23An out-of-place defence (5)

25Stop going round son for sticky substance (5)