Solution topuzzle 11017


1Staff involved in compensation farce (6)

4Unconventional people, tense with society, responsible for scraps (8)

10Main river feature, grand-looking (9)

11Party means to exert pressure taking contrary sides (5)

12Animal you loaded with heavy weight getting stressed at the end (7)

13Shift near the city (7)

14Solid state circuits with switch (4)

15Strike back against lack of knowledge overlooking men’s evil nature (10)

19Translated funny dig that is distasteful (10)

20First time convict, 21 maybe, needs to reflect (4)

23Aircraft storage compartment contains only rubbish (7)

26Seared fish accompanied by wine perhaps (7)

27Debate runs in a sticky matter left unaddressed (5)

28Hundred years without unity, pine for romantic holiday (9)

29Cutting out historic city from pleasure trip, one provides a substitute (8)

30Sins go away with spiritual knowledge (6)


1Ministers and personal assistant to king — isolated sections (7)

2“Hardly bespoke money”, said the housekeeper (5-4)

3Opportunity seized, about time to manipulate (6)

5Appreciate what Preity and Sushmita have in common: figure? (5)

6Dealer ordered lining for parchments (8)

7At no time you get two of this in the hire purchase system (5)

8Muzzle is golden maybe? (7)

9Change without current information, in retrospect, may leave you peevish (8)

16Clean barring pronounced smell (8)

17Daffy Duck on tour is having a bad image (9)

18Innovators will be first to rise among equals (8)

19Dress up in posh garments essentially causing resentment (7)

21Too much to take, breaks into tears seeing squirrels for instance (7)

22Gorge on sweets in the beginning, no place for food at the end (6)

24Reason private couples look conservative (5)

25Brute, primarily a hood, locked up (5)