Solution to puzzle 11008


1Woman has the right to pull away (6)

4Mean to keep husband in old jail (8)

9I get on sadly mending my socks (6)

10Stout girl has nothing, just a plant (4,4)

12Principal way to vary rate with foreign currency (8)

13Praise gives rise to hope (6)

15Cheerful having stayed back for a month on treatment (5-3-4)

18Mob drags Ross away from such buffets (12)

21A poet finds love on the ship (6)

22It could pop in front of Dravid, say in England (8)

24I lecture about a hand bag (8)

25Force Henry in to an organisation (6)

26Being parochial the local gets back in the fight (8)

27A despatch told to go up (6)


1Lads went away to bogs (8)

2Pick one empty vase as a subject of study (8)

3Reliance Mart can get one from Panama (7,8)

5Shaft length cut externally (4)

6That’s where the money is — with number of seats in the parliament (8,7)

7Two transgressions when one oversleeps (4,2)

8Paint hair over without outside help (6)

11Men keen to have the hot stuff brought up (7)

14Figure the pain’s reduced after a month (7)

16Reuse art, it may be worth a lot (8)

17One betrayed having had the food cut off…. (8)

19….material to cook up, not having had any food (6)

20Fictional character left Indian airlines (6)

23More luxurious? Not entirely (4)