Solution topuzzle 10996


1Marries, as a man might a woman (5,2,4)

9Tender lover? (7)

10Pull girl around, one failing to keep up (7)

11Use muscle power to mark in crooked tree (5)

12Doctor finds Ice-T clean (9)

13Female’s clever story (5)

15The sort of day for a communication from a Communist? (3-6)

18Hectic Sam runs according to plan (9)

21Army section with pronounced heart (5)

22Variations in fictional book’s knots (9)

24I am training learner to press forward (5)

26Warrant Officer, with these, will get the distaff side (7)

27One drink imbibed by Miss West in picture (7)

28Shop in excellent place to shop (11)


1Efforts DA made for exchanges (5-4)

2King and queen on bit of European money (5)

3Smart mothers accept right brief (5-4)

4When the waiter will bring the food and drink (2,5)

5Cruelly treated, I will have dues settled (3-4)

6Urge horse in time (3,2)

7Good stream flowing around end of village could be better (8)

8Prepare for publication some sacred items (4)

14Acting properly, continue with possession? (8)

16 I, Chandela, cooked Mexican dish (9)

17Hardy soldiers quiet about a bit of intransigence (9)

19Ideate — provided hot fluid inside (5,2)

20Bank employee with telling experience (7)

22You will respond to yours, won’t you? (4)

23Plunders small instrument set-up (5)

25Choose to have royal spur (5)