Solution to puzzle 10989


1Earth’s despair (6,5)

9Look into the river Mina foolishly got in (7)

10National serial I produced (7)

11For example, take a monarch to be keen (5)

12No matter how difficult, stay act on reform (2,3,4)

13Superman’s watch, perhaps! (5)

15Sales isn’t manipulated, it is clean (9)

18Assort the assembled instruments (9)

21Agitation in state park (5)

22Agitated trade-unions do leave sombre (9)

24More favourable sentence for returning salesman (5)

26Orange juice and egg seasoned with herb… (7)

27Cancel injecting accountant with a catheter (7)

28Bone operated by nun’s as heard on radios (11)


1Buzzer’s record accepted with hesitation by warden (9)

2Malay person foraging wildly to remove fruit (5)

3Gives out instalment earlier for repatriates (9)

4He! he was mad making donkey sounds (3-4)

5Short excuse by a graduate about a novel character (3,4)

6Strive to include After Dark’s initials in last minute (5)

7Followers choose to jump inside river at South (8)

8Cast metal on time (4)

14Attempts to eat in conventions (8)

16Particles knight misplaced, so added iodine particles (9)

17 Instructs an obnoxious person to come in at weekends (9)

19Music section endless in American state (7)

20Parlours in ship take money (7)

22Initially, Supreme Court ordered to nab foreign national (4)

23Reply about performance (5)

25Mickey’s pet with our forgotten neighbour! (5)