Solution to puzzle 10988


8Dread small dog that’s grown old? (6)

9Trouble returning as girl with reluctance crosses path of 15 (8)

10Crook’s crown placed on one-time gangster (8)

11Criminal directed to stay within Perth’s interiors (6)

12Crazy losing head over pineapples (6)

13Runner, complacent sprained leg in inaugural race (8)

15Mobster’s cover: smokestack (7)

17Betrayal by agent back on Friday, taking away radium (7)

20Doorbell fixed on cathouse (8)

22Outrage and row after umpire’s odd selection (6)

23Fugitive’s awl? (6)

25Cunningly lure trio with this purpose? (8)

26Sailor crosses river, in time to head south to quays (8)

27Couple of boys going round an antelope (3-3)


1Attack and rip report in two (4,4)

2Expert soldiers of French origin in air defence marched (10)

3Apes with very large frames stood on ground (not level) (6)

4Everlasting, perhaps hair cream base found in a vessel (7)

5Girl’s kiss sure to leave son with attachment (8)

6Addict’s drug supplier is outside pub (4)

7Person with heart of a cheeseparer, in other words, a selfish person (6)

14Forgo and risk everything? (2,3,5)

16Gun with no-good leader of L.E.T is highly illegal (8)

18 Wicked individual engaged in spread of spurious oil is caught (8)

19Fashionable and very coquettish. Not right (7)

21Playful jack’s dropped eyepiece (6)

22Disorganised, failing in duty (6)

24Barium used by students in research centres (4)