Solution to puzzle 10978


1Birds talk wildly to Poles (6)

4Garden patch essentially consumed sloth, perhaps (8)

9Sharp ache a knife caused? (5)

10Longing for familiar things aroused at closing (9)

11Eat dinner and donut, returning to work (4)

12Studies scams (4)

13A hereditary unit used for bleaching flour (5)

15Cut short what a dog wags? (7)

16Nymph reflected sound (4)

19Endless summer recalled in Norse poetry (4)

20Madiba exchanges notes to get a meditation device (7)

23Oriental in hide sees flight of wild geese (5)

24Jack cried out in the middle of a church (4)

25Mixed-up mail ended up in Peru (4)

27Amino acid excess followed by nitrogen compound (9)

28Part order declared (5)

29Somehow argues very loudly for right to vote (8)

30Blanches tennis outfits (6)


1Upbraid bug following salesman (8)

2Vehicle sentry in front (8)

3Indian bread Anna baked (4)

5Box office flop like the Titanic? (8,5)

6Close to a bunch of bananas, within reach (4,2,4)

7Fished in area with corners (6)

8Cheers confused woodcut artist (6)

10Watercolour perhaps, not so good looking! (2,3,8)

14Plant climbed by Rapunzel’s lover? (10)

17Clear cargo list (8)

18Marine mammals confused men at sea (8)

21Traditions America matures (6)

22Check polish again (6)

26Expression of disgust follows old fish (4)