Solution to puzzle 10969


1Marrying monarch entertains criticism (8)

5Uh-uh! SP ordered to be silent (4,2)

10Completely absorb from English doctor (7)

11Anyhow clear it for performance (7)

12Work with other ranks to reach Portuguese city (6)

13I met one GP agitatedly — beginning of old skin problem (8)

15Discover special insight may be found by July-end (4)

16Does it make one knotty in matrimonial state? (7,3)

18Is in prison — works for the enemy (6,4)

20Love to drink on return from work (4)

23A venture to follow one attractive woman endlessly in excessive adoration (8)

24Gridman’s near-ploy consisting of verses (6)

26Bleat about Australian pageant (7)

27Instruments from coach — not of the French sailors (7)

28Prying is no violation? Good! (6)

29With this virtue one doesn’t look to others for assistance (4-4)


1Remain calm, don’t take off the upper garment (4,4,4,2)

2Clique not out to aggregate (2-5)

3Advocates holding river fish (6)

4Abode where one is happy as a lark? (4)

6Somehow muscle an American (5,3)

7Strikers’ rota? (3,4)

8Make a determined effort, draw those darned things (4,4,5,2)

9Peak period when people are before the idiot box (5,4)

14Ram about to lift flower (9)

17Encouraged a desire to capture Orient guerrillas (8)

19Figure hours are wasted in nabbing doctor (7)

21Study carefully cost indicator for transportation (7)

22Exist readily with a canon (6)

25Give an eye with exclamation and endless jollity (4)