Solution to puzzle 10967


1Graduate gets quartz from hall (8)

5Cutter provided no publicity to many a fanatic (6)

9Look at no-good Russian player for extended period (4,3)

10Exhaust allowed into deep fissures (7)

11Shots certain to figure in exhibitions (9)

12Individuals from America will contain criticism (5)

13Obsessive about one making ton (4)

14Layers Meg put back into plan (9)

17A vision that is likely to go up in smoke? (4,5)

19Scheme not completely regular (4)

23The end reached in the home game (5)

24Former partner gripped by terrible tension is drawn out (2,7)

25Vulgar outfit’s character extremely blameworthy (7)

26Serious, all-round stare bestowed around a quarter (7)

27Are these fellows ever nodding their heads? (3-3)

28Lawyer at sports competition not acceptable (8)


1Lie almost allowed: that’s the report (8)

2Son with stone in a certain excavation hole (7)

3Song-writer’s unfulfilled year in the directory (6)

4Brotherhood makes possible canny retrofit (13)

6Advocacy for engagement (8)

7General reportedly drawn to what flows with the wind (3,4)

8Small youngsters extremely raunchy (6)

10Speaking slightly of conduct of pedestrian AGM (13)

15Diplomatic move takes a month in the surroundings of river (8)

16Peacekeepers back line taken by your old base (8)

18Forms mental pictures of one sedate comic (7)

20Light later around northern part of Nellore (7)

21Manoeuvre a rider? (6)

22Way before ordinary sound system (6)