Solution to puzzle 10963


1Escape turmoil somehow and get gold, say (8,5)

9The firm chosen to be appointed by invitation (2,5)

10Take off with independent partner toting appeal (7)

11Euros sold clandestinely with not a whiff! (9)

12Fibre extracted from mistletoe? (5)

13Futile note, outsize, in Old English (6)

14Microbe causing god of wine, sick inside, to lose honour (8)

17Position of the body in an elevation with time to replace a bit of languor (8)

19Tenant with not as much energy, close to indolence (6)

23A bid to remove the top of the strongbox (5)

25The reptile to make a liar gloat wildly (9)

26Rude sailor, American that is, with a touch of vanity (7)

27Grey replacing top of meal, he keeps smiling! (7)

28Hypodermic treatment to give encouragement (1,4,2,3,3)


1An instrument to play for cricket body in another game (7)

2Man of science goes to LIC in distress (9)

3Trendy acts, say, for trainees (7)

4Cancels peacekeeper’s parties with ecstasy (6)

5Chief support for master in temporary residence (8)

6Liabilities liquidated avoiding a lie in Georgian place (7)

7Minimum of energy in the final (5)

8Nightingale of India, say (7)

15Ancient Roman province where Italian university’s relocated (9)

16Lying next to a ballroom entertainer with very little money (8)

17Fruit of a victory party in which a CO is mocked (7)

18The lake is hard and may cause a loss of gloss (7)

20Henry, single, erupts into language (7)

21Sound receptor through which you heard rumba etc. (7)

22Catchphrase of one not quick enough on the draw, say? (6)

24The animals originally found around unique natural ambience (5)