Solution to puzzle 10947


1European social worker gathers help to heal animal (8)

5Write off Mandela’s men being in prison without a term (6)

9Coup threatening delayed mate (8)

10Charm of poking at a stubborn person (6)

12Ugly bro’s pic features big nose (9)

13Frenzy should extinguish eventually (5)

14Critical of regressive characters in Vedic Age (4)

16Get down from French coach (7)

19Honest politician jailed on riot ending with blast (7)

21A posh country (4)

24Block in vacuum flask after replacing central part (5)

25Brilliant star unreasonably ravenous to gain popularity initially (9)

27World organisation’s quite unfair (6)

28Constant good to be changed with a variable (8)

29Police officer can second dharnas (3-3)

30"Here’s to following fantastic shot in match” (4-4)


1Key to take to your heels (6)

2Use a recipe not seen in Mylapore cooking (6)

3What a tragedy to get rid of books! (5)

4Saw fit to be subdued by no education (7)

6Teacher has a following outside school (4,5)

7Food firm and liquid as well (8)

8Making secure marriage differing at the start (8)

11Worn out, very drunk (4)

15Gaudy dress has trousers covering a leg (9)

17Crook admits us in sporting arenas (8)

18Big airliner, though not big enough for 1 ac. (5,3)

20Sound of disapproval on biting bend in tooth (4)

21Work’s done with topping of soft cake (7)

22Who had adjusted this seat? (6)

23A giant rider, say (6)

26One of urchins involved in bloody gore? (5)