Solution topuzzle 10941


1Fool in retreat packing diseased crane’s organ (8)

5Start off taunt with a strong liquor (6)

9Some return to protect boat damaged by the vigorously active (9)

11Escape with the first character’s ball which is shaped like an egg (5)

12Butterflies here may be a sign of nervousness (7)

14Strict about Union Station terminal’s emergency repair estimate initially (7)

15Characteristic of a soy candy Iris prepared (12)

17Cleaner’s gift concealed in accommodation with kitchen facilities (4-8)

20Turkey abolished the different form of a title of respect (7)

22Console revolutionary noble from the east (5,2)

23Nature of a stag, it’s said (5)

24Life of a dangerous insect inside the English river (9)

26Criminal discarded winter underclothes to discover a heat unit (6)

27Support getting successfully anaesthetized in hurry to get back (8)


1Chopra is eager to contribute to the applause (6)

2Sedate lift manufacturer surrounded by shellfish undergoing internal turmoil (9)

3Polish massage (3)

4Tie man in confusion as his volunteers move in with medication (13)

6Hotel amenity makes the sir come over awkwardly (4,7)

7Battery part described in a Horatian ode (5)

8Organ given by family doctor originally moving north with the Oriental and the Yankee (6)

10Restraint on ousted Democrat editing what keeps a nuclear reactor functioning (5,8)

13Main fund I misused to shield IT permanently (2,9)

16Pea variety found with a sweetener on the upset vessels (5,4)

18Does a blacksmith find iron like this easy to work with? (3,3)

19Anger at sparkle from gas forced out by Poland (6)

21Dazzle with vocal talent (5)

25Couple’s hamper (3)