Solution to puzzle 10940


1Like position of strength (5)

4They repair chinks primarily in faulty machines (9)

9Romantic hero, otherwise advertising a smoke (7)

10Upset about postscript that’s rounded off last letter (7)

11Giving one’s name to open sumo wrestling around end of May (9)

12Right to follow first female tennis player (5)

13Model car’s roaring sound in an entertainment area (2,4)

15State capital is mostly spirited facing misfortune (8)

18Store centre of contemporary designer Muir (8)

19Law-breaking in favour of a cause (6)

22One’s trapped in burning lift (5)

24Rear of floor covered in intricate pure gray carpet (6,3)

26Rowers on team synchronised after starting off badly (7)

27Call the thing electronic bug (7)

28 Case of deftly lining rebated plastic toy (5,4)

29Less menacing sans rings (5)


1Old container missing or misplaced (7)

2Deal with broken stereo right away (3,2)

3Half a piece of timber? (3-2-4)

4A narcotic overdose in a way (6)

5Arrogant fellow getting sucker-punched (8)

6Substantial lead in test is wasted (5)

7Gypsy wandering in new attire (9)

8House is covered in Scots heather (7)

14Tear around leading to censure (9)

16Under a hint from skipper, bowling underarm got one beaten (5,4)

17Differentiating feature between awareness and doubtfulness (8)

18Going to get hold of an American visa for show… (7)

20…turn back right before departure (7)

21Railway vehicle running over victim (6)

23Time for starter in savoury pot (5)

25Pronounced fall in monarchy (5)