Solution to puzzle 10933


1One who gives all the particulars retailed differently (8)

5More work in ideal location (6)

9Anteater long writhing in agony (8)

10Ruddy title (6)

12Money, yen, is little (4)

13Bird woman precooked smartly (10)

15Boxer in turmoil? (6)

17South Indian wife’s strain (5)

20Appear here and there about mutt (5)

21Hastener’s cry for Ekadasi observer (6)

24Extra bit of math to a learner (10)

27Platform that is accepted by public relations (4)

29Surround Indian madame going round old city (6)

30Rally leaves street to move on to ward (8)

31Transport on which one isn’t alive (6)

32Warn a pretty woman embracing second name (8)


1Subordinate’s obligation to include record (6)

2One in temporary accommodation is a temporary resident (6)

3Matinee hero to take it easy, we’re told (4)

4A wireless company drops limits for hedgehog (5)

6Right to have central leader in peace offering (5)

7Favourite admits a dissolute — what a bird! (8)

8Damned, Bill’s hopeless (8)

11Loves so dear a transformation (6)

14Close to being stingy (4)

16Felt differently about a kind of coat (6)

17Slip off into the storage building? (4)

18Widespread fear over Sikh movement is unusual (8)

19Universities directed a chartered accountant to move up (8)

22Antelope ailing badly (6)

23Disharmony, we hear, in a kind of birth (6)

25Prostitutes start pushing partner down (5)

26Bitter publicity about the French shout (5)

28The essence of the reversible German? (4)