Solution topuzzle 10928


6Metalworker from an American country finally leaving to borders of Ecuador (7)

7Albatross flying briefly beside Republic of Armenia (7)

9Cross-advertising that is found in a can (3-2)

10Cheesiest crackers are found in Antarctica (3,6)

11Get out or it will throw you out (7)

13Cheerful Englishman informally switched sides to join His Excellency (6)

15Control rapid growth around dirty red resting place (6,7)

19He will provide safety for a metal coin (6)

20Hide and ceaselessly observe Mediterranean island (7)

23Target man posing as god (9)

24Spear has travelled some distance (5)

26Extravagant terminal (7)

27Plastic table is fixed (7)


1Creature destroyed heart of African capital (4)

2Plant and animal found in a mine (6)

3Arabia (including Turkey) doesn't have a central railway. That’s not logical! (9)

4The Spanish composer climbs up a gate as he lacks a partner (8)

5Soup stores need printing toner (10)

6Mauled boy and ENT doctor around Italy (6)

7Topless Greek god returns on time to get meat (4)

8Struck swiftly and ran away (6)

12Irritate eastern Texas peer cunningly (10)

14Spread the word that Sensei’s lost object was found inside (9)

16Earn returns on purchasing low grade cycling gear from youth (8)

17Scythian killed Scot with an oriental weapon (6)

18Band cut short sounds of a German motor (6)

21What Alcor is to Mizar? (2-4)

22Stare at a wrong page (4)

25Similar characters found in Pak-India borders (4)