Solution topuzzle 10924


1Nearly exploit commanding position in commission (6)

4More than one saw shows featuring rhythm and blues (8)

10Regime to possibly lead in change in some progression (9)

11Moderate chill (5)

12Person of high social standing (Earl) rejected condition to adopt ward (7)

13Vespers for the dead occurring in room with sticky smell (7)

14Irrational voiceless sound in speech (4)

15Doomed without a group of fast developing nations being made up (10)

19National singles won by our compatriot (10)

20Captive in retreat caught hard blow (4)

23Clears a city’s premier square (7)

26Caretaker sent back rubbish following start of new year (7)

27Fey, side-splitting, humorous contradiction (5)

28Requests Spain to cut some trees (9)

29Understood to be good-hearted for a change (8)

30Cancel show initially planned for victory (6)


1Stages becoming small after sixty minutes (7)

2Suggested vacant pad to house drunk for free (9)

3You will get empty gesture of approval in conclusion (3,3)

5Repeat run picking up tempo (5)

6Greed to possess an article but after losing an article — there’s a difference (8)

7Pound in anger indicating channel on moon (5)

8Convinced about interest on foreign exchange rising by half a dozen times (7)

9Salt (boric) endlessly sprinkled around beltways (8)

16Perhaps fine-tune a colour with appropriate shades (8)

17Model’s filled with passion, kept in check somehow with trinket (9)

18Something with distinct, independent existence loses its origin in copy, becoming the very opposite (8)

19Sorcerers entering in grand visual representation (7)

21Examination’s through, normal to lose heart (7)

22Pepper can easily produce this effect, hence almost an expression of contempt over unknown drug (6)

24Ring, ring — stop ringing! (5)

25Weapon injured breast dislodging bone (5)