Solution topuzzle 10909


1Trick to get hold of gold left by doctor in a cooking utensil (8)

5Busy Henry to make reference to returning Cuban leader being involved (6)

9Global warming may lead to a rise in this (3,5)

10Harass king to get rid of new cooking utensil (6)

11Clumsy man feels effect of withdrawing into the background (4-10)

14Peace results when trial in California gets dismissed (5)

16Bring order to the messy site somehow (9)

17Settles for disturbed siestas when conditional return is introduced (9)

19Mark’s time out with a Greek character (5)

20What a good disguise may make one (14)

23Lathe operator’s cooking utensil (6)

24I missed Ray’s audit unfortunately on the Jewish Sabbath (8)

25Contributions from a Democrat, hero-worshipped to some extent (6)

26Traffic signal telling you to keep the brakes applied? (3,5)


1Shy auditor’s order (4)

2Imperial decree from European monarchy to usurp Switzerland in pursuit (5)

3Method to cook a vada may defy rep at sea (4-3)

4This may render the oceans bare (11)

6Engineer cut off crossing to receive the religious expert (7)

7Nervous laughing from abstainer participating in secure call (9)

8Talk on mastication of oily foods? (4,3,3)

12Dispatch the killer with a revolutionary Greek character (11)

13Musical instrument in the battered aurist’s bag (4,6)

15Explain being put to rest before the brisk Oriental’s step down (9)

18Hide discharge (7)

19Cooking utensil and faucets turn up at the university in Los Angeles (7)

21Ingredients of the salad left in the cooking utensil (5)

22Closed sac found in the cinerary urn on the radio (4)