Solution topuzzle 10907


1The rising times (8)

5Slope disconcerted pacers (6)

10Cut with a singular cutting implement? (7)

11Excitedly learns about love in Italian city (7)

12Fixed leader of Naxalites and suffered (6)

13It is fit for a queen in the retiring room (8)

15Nervous characters among ousted gypsies (4)

16Gems in vehicle brought by black relatives (10)

18One is late for this examination (10)

20Returning, I bag Romanian coins (4)

23Sending a virtual letter (8)

24Former student’s revised manual (6)

26Vague idea to write about fish (7)

27Head catching breath before one in Kenya’s capital (7)

28Gathers roaming angels (6)

29 0 (5,3)


1Explaining wrongly old university course in extraordinary springtime (15)

2Coming down reportedly for checking (7)

3Children on State’s top disputes (6)

4You finally left rogue wallowing in blood (4)

6Uniting made possible by special bonus (8)

7Landing by a royal competitor (7)

8Strong patrician given to putting off (15)

9Wrong blame’s overwhelming second radio model maker (9)

14Congratulate the man over time for sponsorship (9)

17U.S. oilmen produce a liquid mixture (8)

19Leading sports journalist gets the French hamper (7)

21Top opening into which a woman would let a hand go (7)

22Confederates run away from gatherings (6)

25Serious about international circle (4)