Solution topuzzle 10902


1Places where distressing activities take place as a routine (6,5)

9Company car woman takes for bullfight (7)

10Main colour? (3-4)

11Graduate gains colour, having dropped all clothes (5)

12Getting dumpy nose fixed, acquire another name (9)

13Brief from smarter setter (5)

15Goes too far while climbing the staircase? (9)

18Reassert a refurbishment is needed for places from where no driving should be made (4,5)

21One getting up for part of flight (5)

22Soldier to abandon traitor (6,3)

24Yes, a high school may have these maids (5)

26Circumspect Creole admits good artist (2,5)

27Nothing to one dress brought back from range (7)

28Activity happening in 1ac. or as part of some Hindu ritual (11)


1One who criticises people but not to their faces (9)

2More infrequent artist on engineer’s third circuit (5)

3Reviled so badly, they act badly (9)

4It removes dirt from locks (7)

5Old boy on spectacle that’s disgusting (7)

6Good man with viewpoint (5)

7Malicious reports not initiated by people living in Sri Lanka, say (8)

8Treatment that creates waves in the hair salon (4)

14Travelled, we hear, to initial info by the way (4,4)

16Runnel — a small measure in the thoroughfare (9)

17Putting pressure on troublesome girl to leave (9)

19One is underneath a church official as derived by logic (1,6)

20An act is reviewed as utterly wicked (7)

22Said to have longed for having the colour changed (4)

23Smoke emanating from three chulahs (5)

25Air India to uphold liberal defence (5)