Solution to puzzle 10899


1Troops perhaps in business (7)

6Letters in flight for girl in Air India beginning to languish (7)

9Cyclops did not have it! (9,6)

10Lack of medicine when having hard lumps (6)

11Police officer and clergyman join film personality (8)

13Remove what you want to eat at home? (4,4)

15For a heavyweight, it is a small particle (6)

18Keralite drops Li in old eastern state (6)

19Computer programme in the Bahamas obscures the vision (8)

22Loosen those sinews for action with a plumber, one gone crazy (6,2)

24Little dog, dear one, is one controlled by another (6)

27They like very young partners and ruin liberal traders’ chances (6,9)

28Flier with a way to begin re-entry (7)

29Imitation in a metal workshop with extremes of rapacity (7)


1Furniture item found by an alien under a room (7)

2Dug out for a thinker, say (5)

3Racy cases worked out with a secondary equipment (9)

4An oppressive thing, we hear, but a good source of protein and fat (4)

5Clever leaders of rebel organisation hiding in a passage to a mine (6)

6Elevate with an increment in pay (5)

7A realist to be confounded by Plato’s pupil (9)

8“In the __ __ we are all dead” (Mark Twain) (4,3)

12Appeared in an admission test in America (3)

14Chintz fabric that could perhaps irk Kamala (9)

16Radio official gives up article for note from one who abandons a cause (9)

17Surreptitious domestic pest (3)

18Cane taken from a lac canning plant (7)

20To compensate for a day is fine by youth leader (7)

21On-screen indicator for one who swears, say (6)

23Brilliant display by a commission with limited latitude (5)

25A bit of something to eat, cold, with energy (5)

26Henry beginning to fight for just fifty per cent (4)