Solution to puzzle 10892


1Good to live in country’s capital (5)

4A cocktail place in NYC (9)

9Graceful, gentle and first of all, composed (7)

10In what situation, mostly a child makes a piercing cry (7)

11Opposition rioting in Patna; normalcy ultimately hit (9)

12Vessel from China or Taiwan (5)

13Draw an outline (5)

15Closing stage (6)

18Foreign elements primarily hazardous — toxic (6)

19University over in Massachusetts making loss (5)

23Pressure on America and European Union to spend (3,2)

25Best one in medical department BTW (2,7)

27Soreness in poor rat’s windpipe (7)

28Fortune, eventually, is hers, perhaps (7)

29Man’s option to get around a question — one of no practical value (4,5)

30Seek proof (5)


1Pull fish back in the direction of current (7)

2Wagging cat’s tail angered a dog (5,4)

3Paddled on top of polluted bog (5)

4Army silent about change (6)

5Groomed not too long ago (8)

6A simian mammal extremely violent — trait typical of a beast (9)

7Slash recording with Adler finally (5)

8Typical Roman building — large (6)

14Hop outside old butcher shop with a vessel (9)

16Guard seen roaming in overalls (9)

17Celebrities not having a good time with scholarly types (8)

20Please answer! (7)

21Trade practice (6)

22State elections finally over; sensational outcome (6)

24A day to muse (5)

26Train’s lovely we’re told (5)