Solution to puzzle 10887


1Strange Stiff alias Dead, couldn’t be better (2,3,2,1,6)

10Amphibious sycophant? (5)

11Singer read label wrong (9)

12Coral Sea, perhaps, without a fish (7)

13Southern courage, without a whip (7)

14Getting old drink in silver container (5)

16Card Peter wrongly laid out for big shots (3,6)

19Shows fatness I’m developing (9)

20Given, me in Paris, topsy-turvy after a kiss (5)

22Jagged spoiled note replaced by bridge player (7)

25Urge on the main intellectual (7)

27Delaying agent’s rant about ill-conceived trade (9)

28Brilliance she takes in (5)

29Those forging ahead should be working with these (6,3,5)


2Supporting post to stop flow reaching particle (9)

3Uncharacteristically, Dickens pens uplifting romantic ballad (5)

4I ram bergs to pieces for perfume ingredient (9)

5Strong man found in a school desk, perhaps (5)

6Fragrance in a tin wafted about for a loved woman (9)

7Miserable raise follows poor grade (5)

8Thoughtful attention to refuge (7)

9Goddess soon afterwards transported by American Airlines (6)

15Confused foresight; an oral examination is not advised if one gets it (4,5)

17Took exception to insult and dispatched editor (9)

18Nothing follows award in boxing venue (5,4)

19Borderland has acting ruler (7)

21Insane to form paint pigment (6)

23Tribal emblem starts to take on torrid erotic meaning (5)

24Was a person of importance in Canadian arts (5)

26Painting surface covered in stages sometimes (5)