Solution to puzzle 10881


6Dispensing with criminal, sign away a pardon? (3,5)

9Consumed by retaliation and such (2,4)

10Heads to amusement park seeking enjoyment in recess (4)

11Wandering clan’s basic accommodation (5,5)

12Prevent others taking lives (6)

14Country hotel, so shabby (7)

15Eric, a native of Mexico? (7,8)

18Member of parliament representing nor’-east (7)

20File a story in newspaper (6)

22Capital of Latvia with bars all over the place (10)

23Briefly examine a small earring (4)

24Popular fellow-setter returns (6)

25Of course, it is a regular number (8)


1Passing fashion finally due to disappear (4)

2City or town in Kerala one leaves to join army (8)

3Wrong catch upheld in game (6)

4She sportingly helps pen text often for a theatrical performer (6-4)

5People migrated from India sporadically (8)

7Reportedly be sick eating very soft fruit (5)

8Buzzer, to begin with, no gold prize winner (5,8)

13Changes in speech interested people (10)

16Sinner he converted to saint (8)

17Dealing with a brief argument (8)

19Steals rare ornamental hanging (6)

21Second function of a pointer (5)

23Universal’s outside set location (4)