Solution topuzzle 10877


1DD show allowed back extremely mediocre actors (8)

5What a tabloid may do with news may cause a stir in the pool (6)

10Paper version recalls leader’s current movement (7)

11Hard fruit, not soft vegetable (7)

12Not starting funny visual (6)

13Talking about source of news, his is out to surprise (8)

15Requirement central to online editor (4)

16“Pillar in Honour” — a few words in the paper (6,4)

18Latest: Guru caught in New York — Press Service (4,6)

20“Lawyer’s aide” — a few words in the paper (4)

23Expert religionist, as one holding this paper might be (3-5)

24Harsh review of American paper by city area (6)

26Begin, please, to appraise film event for critics (7)

27Nothing to hook one on in a sort of piece in the paper (7)

28Theatre personnel to have rupees advanced for what a reporter does with news (6)

29Prompt: I must convert learner to The Hindu (8)


1What school examinees get before noon — The Hindu , maybe (3,7,5)

2A section of the paper lazy Eli’s certain to look (7)

3High point elicits wild exclaim (Ecstasy free) (6)

4Heads of Section at new Gazette confessed (4)

6Steals from small loop — centre of troika — with New Statesman (8)

7Caution head of Classifieds pushed down to Sales (7)

8Feature in papers: Chastise the principal’s imposition (3,3,9)

9So cut here to disguise where reporters get info from (3,6)

14Moderates wild notes on Fellow enthralling bridge player (5,4)

17Make less offensive South Africa’s criticism by one limited set (8)

19Solicit Financial Express readers’ banks for stereo components (7)

21Article by TH bills limited high-rise housing (7)

22Right, without any trace of exaggeration, one leading science magazine’s first bromide (6)

25Assignment with a Washington daily? (4)