Solution to puzzle 10872


1Directions carry disturbed sign (8)

5Definite article on doctor’s practice having continuous thought (6)

9Loud broadcasters’ drama where there isn’t any ‘foul’ (4,4)

10More caring German children? (6)

12Lean on register? (4)

13Greek character behind time getting unlimited slice of stamp-collecting (10)

15One buzzing about to get one-way ticket in Paris (6)

17Big cat is lightweight (5)

20One more time, a profit (5)

21Move quickly with engineer’s arrow in India (6)

24Not a main railway track (6,4)

27Not too much of a lake? (4)

29Reportedly dismiss Communist holy (6)

30Gazelle found in hole by an artist (8)

31Leisurely walk by saint with wind behind (6)

32One’s confession of being well-mannered but not actually so (8)


1Happen to grab eastern female in dance (6)

2Peacefulness of a man with appeal (6)

3I see it’s a children’s game (1-3)

4Good American poet in grind (5)

6The man is beginning to trivialise robbery (5)

7Girl did business (8)

8Provided the way to go (8)

11Sabre-rattling around learner: turns the music up (6)

14Where grass roots development takes place (4)

16Names first victim in Lok Sabha (6)

17Brief writing: “Life after Death” (4)

18Roasts an essayist when going through street (8)

19One who maintains equilibrium — an accountant, maybe (8)

22Be new friend in Paris — one doing transactions for another (6)

23Talk about the dead (6)

25Many dance with what a fisherman might use (5)

26Prophet in North Arcot bustle (5)

28Brief briefing (4)