Solution to puzzle 10865


8Gratify Henry’s ilk no end leaving to fool around (6)

9European politician’s allegiances; commitments basically are most hollow (8)

10Highway 78 perhaps missed out marker (8)

11Prophet and priest on outskirts of Judea, heading for Haifa (6)

12Blonde frayed at the edges, with silver lining; sign of seniority (3,3)

13Resurgences of servitude binding one vassal, beginning to return, as year ends (8)

15Ridicule report about garment and casual wear (1-6)

17We declined carnation from a girl, back in USA (7)

20New independent national character, for instance, reflected in African (8)

22Mammal in Manila harassed (6)

23A road crossing short alley at an angle (6)

25Opera scripts in book, strangely written, without covers (8)

26Poisonous plants perhaps brought about the end of Socrates? (8)

27Clears peculiar looking membrane around the eyes (6)


1Exceptionally prepared sir, and — voila — see pasta dishes! (8)

2Ground stroke featuring Nadal, in the centre, raises excitement levels (10)

3Hollow in wood? Nothing in it! (6)

4Ultimately length etc., perhaps a measure, couple finally needed, for unit of area (7)

5Turmoil in Indian state; unending happiness cut short by gangster (8)

6Court order with conditional decree, carried by Tunisian (4)

7Mule revolts, beset by pain and torture (6)

14Chop removing core and fillet basically into say extremely, long strands of pasta (10)

16Three panelled artwork showing travel by Greek goddess of fortune, briefly (8)

18People using drawing boards are mainly designers of roof supports (8)

19Girl’s report announces agenda for expert maybe (7)

21Rhythmic march on foot (6)

22Is she superior born, to be protected by President’s security service? (6)

24Jack, the French expert (4)