Solution to puzzle 10853


6Oddly suppliant piece of wood (5)

7Tick a car behind perhaps and be left out (8)

10Upset the bird that was in front (7)

11Haggle and hold up in a mess (7)

12Force everyone and stay with the victim (4,3)

13Rich work, classy and advanced (7)

14Presently you don’t have superior moulded thermoplastic (11)

19His heart set in a weapon, follows the jail bird (7)

21Complaint regarding the German missing in a railway accident (7)

23John gets youngster in a mess (7)

25Follower died, girl had to return key (7)

26Capital silent as one follows the family (8)

27It is fashionable to hold a race in the big apple (5)


1Rent over mouth causes one to dock outside port (5,3)

2Way a girl was hauled up to prison camp (6)

3Saw it was easily done anyway (4,4,2)

4Meek to flee with the Bishop (4)

5A grim sort of oriental illusion (6)

6Faster way to attack (6)

8Their American novel is called Harry (7)

9After a test, angry for inducting back old fighter planes (5)

13Unknown characters in a country said to rise against the old King (10)

15Makes sure all get fame and recognition (7)

16Toothless ex-prime minister presided over the museum (8)

17Season reportedly for guys in the CIA (5)

18Dirty place to catch fish…it is hard (6)

20Sister shows interest in a business emissary (6)

22Allowed vehicle inside Lebanon previously (6)

24Biblical character sounded surprised over a rejection (4)