Solution to puzzle 10825


7Small version of a big car (4)

8Incubus left us at Oregon and got an egg heater (9)

10Stag party for a person yet to kick the butt (6)

11Over everything else like Abou Ben Adhem’s name (5,3)

12“Gratis: as in no bucks,” he exclaimed (8)

14Boggy ground where French gold is hidden in Massachusetts (6)

16Dire areas mad artists find themselves in, l ike the Gibraltar or Sunda (7)

18Deceiving dexterity at sledge time (7)

21She embraced pet, resulting in injury (6)

23lcy uncle travels to get transport (8)

25Best quality upper-cut (3-5)

27Tormented ailing Indian antelope (6)

29Strikes, with the foot, a trollop, to start a motorbike (9)

30Invoice from li’l William (4)


1Get off a princess’s horse (8)

2Cut an animal’s tail in the witness box (4)

3Harris comes back with an address (6)

4Frozen water gets older in cold periods (3,4)

5Odd type of blood that Psycho Bates, when not finished, left (8)

6Nasty eye problem is not visible, at first glance (4)

9What a king does with a scale? (5)

13Snake god found in a collection of tools (5)

15Wet weather when Yankee followed gunners in (5)

17Dissertaton about treaties (8)

19One time popular pieces of baggage said to contain everything small (8)

20Forsythe P.Jones, as better known to fans, is prison chief (7)

22Dagger’s partner in espionage modified a lock (5)

24Energise Neyveli coal without starting to burn (6)

26Narrow part of a fennec knee (4)

28Ear lug found in eyebolts returned (4)