Solution topuzzle 10823


1Army breaks open through might (6)

4Performance — that which is said to pack a lot of power (8)

9Following leadership change, intend to quit (6)

10According to ICC, shortened 50-over game’s welcome once in a while (8)

12Indicating love in depressing circumstances (8)

13Rather generally, not everyone will have an enthusiasm (6)

15American jerk (4)

16Wave’s property of being bent, for certain (10)

19Disparity in English grade (10)

20A rebellion’s not about potential (4)

23Physical unit that’s the standard unit of time (6)

25Microsocopic distance is a worry with memory device (8)

27Starter-less puzzles for stupid people (8)

28He makes barrels carrying heavy gas through (6)

29Insane, insentient, soulless… but he is intelligent, no doubt! (8)

30When taken frequently, true narcotism shows effect (6)


1Scientist finds remote a lifetime behind (7)

2Actor mainly is involved in building onscreen chemistry (9)

3An octave in 7G’s sequel? (6)

5Plan fetching interest over short trade (4)

6A vignette starts to dwell on about chips and electronic equipment (8)

7A dandelion’s crown gets florid up in summer (5)

8No yacht can travel at its speed! (7)

11Put off unpleasant, frayed tempers (7)

14Annoying framework (7)

17Portico is stretching out in all directions (9)

18It makes a grand ten (4,4)

19Get inside married individual with throbbing desire (7)

21Sound tones’ strains around cymbal’s central part (7)

22A support that’s not at sea (6)

24Girls' heart taken over by a male effect? (5)

26Spirit level is missing in observer’s instrument (4)