Solution topuzzle 10816

Note: The three-word term split across (5ac.,4dn.,25ac.) has been clued thrice.


1Bad typo in script from a 1880s printing machine (8)

5, 4dn., 25American aid to help travellers find their way? (6,11,6)

9Determined wife gets rid of model showing the nature of communication in (5ac., 4dn., 25ac.) (8)

10Jerry’s rival counters clever remark with a musical instrument (3-3)

11Sewing aid with an alignment property? (8,6)

14Surrender supply (5)

16In cruise, king misplaced broken pestle after the Oriental left and awoke late (9)

17Leaves behind the bar involved in exposes (9)

19Pick a cosmetic (5)

20Nick’s behind the sound heard by guests at the firm with controlling shares (7,7)

23Afternoon nap in the Parsi estate (6)

24Headless board gets besieged by revolutionary tunes from the country (3,5)

5, 4dn, 25Navigator from 10ac. might need this for proper functioning (6,11,6)

26Receptacles for smokers in an awfully trashy box of arsenic (8)


1Suggestive of a malfunctioning weld (4)

2Not quite the typical constellation (5)

3Cut upset imprisoned criminal circle equipped with claws (7)

5ac.,4, 25ac,19dn.In real life or on a smartphone, may rely on this (6,11,6)

6Greek character goes missing with emulsions prepared for a wild cat (7)

7Desire to be immersed in LPG component used in synthetic rubber manufacturing (9)

8Let mum copy adjustment after surgical removal (10)

12Kings and queens may be found here (11)

13Film development agent’s article on silicon and sulphur leads to speculation (10)

15Teller’s ox trained by communicators of high praise (9)

18Time for the Welsh leader to call for a prickly plant (7)

19Firm old Roman governor in conversation with an airplane crew member (7)

21Japanese martial art expert’s letters from a Kalinin jail (5)

22Returning unwanted e-mails? Those may be essential for 10ac. and 19dn. (4)