Solution topuzzle 10811


1Wax for artist fellows in suffering (8)

6A body of detectives becoming sour (4)

9Wise one: “Top of boat blown off” (6)

10Bears English force without limit (7)

13They are not of the present time (5,4)

14Something you shouldn’t do! (5)


16Not the artillery for light infantry (5,5)

19Great hotel renovated completely (10)

21Mischievous child born to traitor (4)

24Nibs scattered around eastern dramatist (5)

25Dress for Bill, returning to French city, with nothing new (9)

26It may be laid over the top of a house (7)

27Being natural, public house took the bait, so to say (6)

28Advantage that isn’t central (4)

29Indeed detective is giving full particulars (8)


2Shorten a dentist’s work (7)

3American Rear Admiral going round to preserve obscure matters (6)

4Release a man — representative having no constraints (4,5)

5These are required to be met if one is not to be deprived (5)

7Cartoon character, not ill, holds bone of Arctic deer (7)

8Gifts Dominic distributed are embarrassing (12)

11Hate journalist coming up to examine (6)

12Utopian’s site reveals question that is debatable (5,2,5)

17Perspective on position from where you may admire scenery (9)

18Urge for no-good drink (6)

20Trying to time a deceptive operation (7)

22Gridman, for one, last now first, given round badge of honour (7)

23Be one going around to manage the country (6)

25Faith American Indian placed on Delhi leader (5)