Solution topuzzle 10809


1Priest finally managed troublesome pest in part of church (8)

5Determined in advance to have soft trees felled (6)

9Non-liability of one politician’s factory having extreme irresponsibility (8)

10Hands-up time? (6)

12Pitcher, more recent, loses head (4)

13Hot Poles in roll for a kind of biscuit (6, 4)

15Servant briefly takes one’s travelling bag (6)

17Straightens the woman with partners (5)

20Alien after one month gets a singing group (5)

21No outstanding demonstrations by workers (3-3)

24Advert Naga created is unconventional (5-5)

27Inviting word (4)

29Prepare principal turf (6)

30Trip backward leader abandoned for you and me sparks discussion (8)

31Separate queen’s present (6)

32Ben lined up sheets and pillowcases (3, 5)


1Don’t start fight for tabletop serving aid (6)

2Fruit time in Java? (6)

3One might break into it for a small amount (4)

4Look closely around treasurer’s top safe (5)

6Rough word on young lawless fellow (5)

7Therefore one coming ashore gets box that looks like a book (8)

8Go over a boundary and cause shock across health centre (8)

11Place face of Rosie in blown-up detail (6)

14Seasoning for sailor? (4)

16A sort of strain in insect stage (6)

17English worker going up Sicilian mountain (4)

18Think about mother’s source of perfume (8)

19Person of no substance wants arm twisted (8)

22Firm’s primarily unjust wrong to relative (6)

23Hold Mandela? (6)

25Brit dispersed extremely hostile group of natives (5)

26Expire holding team’s camp-kettle (5)

28Brood over fabric? (4)