Solution to puzzle 10805


1Sent Ted away with money to get a marsupial (6)

5A program from computer giant, leader in tablets (6)

9Evil Christian celebrity? (4)

10Parliamentarian aboard vessel gets a pass (10)

11Pus and rot causes coma (6)

12Rescue tailless dog (8)

13There is no end to lower vision reportedly (9)

15Old Scottish St. Paul died from within (4)

16Fully occupied vehicle on final journey (4)

17Girl let revolutionary communist be protected (9)

21Greek character, sick at heart, yearns for…. (8)

22… doctor with mysterious rune to be less sensitive (6)

24Think about book on meteorological phenomenon (10)

25Flaw that’s used while gambling (4)

26Poem on Odysseus has verses lamenting a person’s death (6)

27Habituate abducted judge to harm (6)


1Currency of pirates at sea (7)

2Skins pulled back for kip (5)

3Somehow mourn for criminal having no ethics (7)

5Poster designed quickly (6)

6Shuffle suits and deal without energy (9)

7Oddly after first king was ousted, she entered and stole (7)

8At the exact location, carefully makes sixth port throwing one out (1, 5, 3, 4)

14Doubt heartless ultras taking half the cipher back into a Bombay suburb (9)

16Linen made from animals (7)

18A straight worker? (7)

19“Queen of England has power” said the recluse (7)

20Daughter took out shirt from cabinet that was shut (6)

23In China, leading marketing agencies campaign against unemployment (5)