Solution to puzzle 10787


7Put aloe spread after Duncan cuts half the fruit (10)

9Shape of the cricket grounds in Kensington and Adelaide? (4)

10Song Mala composed after receiving ring from the east (8)

11In Talinn, a teacher was born (6)

12Short composition on love Yamini recited in concert initially (5)

13Give concrete form to the protest condition at the end of the day (9)

14Oriental’s participation has no effect on the comic verse (7)

17Teacher sent back alone with a meat pastry (7)

20Acting as a representative to gather accountant’s closing remarks (9)

22Frost, in conversation, reveals what children may be exposed to in the nursery (5)

25Everyone in retreat was entertained by the offensive folk song (6)

26Article’s questionable clarity shows impatience (8)

27Frenchman moving in for a short time with Wordsworth to get one of his works? (4)

28National Highway? (5,5)


1Breakdown’s a result of the letters from a Guatemala dynast (6)

2George and the Asian trade places in delight over the Yankee’s song (5)

3Rock music? Probably not! (7)

4Hide a small fruit for the auditor with a vitamin deficiency ailment (8)

5A Wordsworth work obtained by Britain’s leading singer with a cap? (6)

6Strict believers (8)

8Point of time when things may change? (7)

15Mathematical symbol provided by a machinist (8)

16Microsoft program to capture power flow sent up for dispatch (8)

18Fast movement in symphony (7)

19Eat out after evacuation at sea away from the normal environment (2,5)

21Shining ring model removed from spoilt meat loaf (6)

23Butcher disheartened by change (6)

24Japanese verse by Henry on Air India and Kuwait Airways (5)