Solution to puzzle 10783


1Confine a Tamil leader inside as being inexperienced (8)

5I therefore block line on map (6)

9Crazy person involved in a cult (7)

10Soldiers look back for umbrella (7)

11Haphazard pals working hard to get PC program by end of July (4-5)

12Levels apartment building? (5)

13Surpassing deliveries? (4)

14One women’s institute gets result after kilo of something to eat (4,5)

17In a different way, fiesta can charm (9)

19The national who goes free, so to speak (4)

23Apostrophising a fellow, one foreign national (5)

24Efficient spy (9)

25Bulk of allotment? (7)

26Scholars wrongly made expert to go around (7)

27Tempt ten cunningly with diamonds (6)

28Exercises by tribal chief at a riding event (8)


1Fancy changing head of reference (8)

2Muni rejected one European’s routine (7)

3Sir leaves stitchery terribly cross (6)

4Welcome part of a building? (9,4)

6The kind of success an arsonist would like to have? (4-4)

7Rice for mother in Indian slum (7)

8Enjoy pickle (6)

10The art of the rubber? (13)

15Quote recalled about scene showing round figure (8)

16Alien may react wildly about quarter and so on (2,6)

18A bar on worker is hard (7)

20Fancy ring given to the artist (7)

21Right quote circulated for a kind of necklace (6)

22Daughter and Mother to inquire about table linen (6)