Solution topuzzle 10782


1Antics played after a short while for the recluse (8)

6Fool loses point, buddy (4)

9It has uniform content (6)

10Energetic brother and worker come after six (7)

13Hot air and special light solution for the head (4,5)

14Chinese cooking vessel English became aware of (5)

15For half-a-minute kiss pert girl (4)

16Strong protest about leaving sacred receptacle (10)

19Got on possessing vision? No, more than that! (10)

21Clinched the game from the cooler? (4)

24Cared about a tree (5)

25Greens keeper (5,4)

26Artists return small prize (7)

27Lincoln and old mother back formless organism (6)

28Nevertheless I follow Himalayan hoax (4)

29In the gloaming, not entirely visible, attempt business (8)


2Nothing to hold down one on a point of view (7)

3Head nun has a former actress accepting book (6)

4Animal and insect in old plane (5,4)

5A man with extremely dirty flock of birds (5)

7Daughter leaves shade to get the man to listen (7)

8Old amenities refurbished for greatly admired film stars (7,5)

11Perfect example through warrant officer on road (6)

12Ace had myself squirming in a very bashful manner (12)

17Ned ablest in assembling West Indian drummers (5,4)

18Bit about right knife (6)

20Bright girl nearly eaten by rodent (7)

22Jimmy, bird’s on perch (7)

23Overdraft and debt notices are loathsome (6)

25Exotic food for you and me in boat (forget puris to begin with) (5)