Solution to puzzle 10781


1Being rash, didn’t reflect much (11)

9Girl, stupid person, losing head, to move abruptly (7)

10Zero! I’m taking hours going round in circles to take root (7)

11Customer’s top pile is inexpensive (5)

12Hard coming? On the contrary, placid (4-5)

13Working, one’s working in plant (5)

15A town in MP has acari crawling all around tree (9)

18Quarters for fugitives from justice (4,5)

21Trap and alertness needed to capture beast (5)

22Summons to Royal Marines in unpleasant weather (9)

24Hospital located in congenial nook (5)

26Reviewing riches about Berlioz’s last musical compositions (7)

27Keep South American volunteers at home (7)

28Fictional character Norman wowed excitedly (6,5)


1Workers confront us holding round kind of rock (9)

2Air layer in NE zoo analysed (5)

3Strike delivered by a group of rowdies? Not exactly! (4-5)

4She has two articles placed around the thing (7)

5Continental merger? (7)

6Australian’s bribe for an American drink (5)

7One is charged with distribution of portions (8)

8Mountain of ice for second unit of work (4)

14On a plane, apparently running away (2,6)

16Was returning after managing carpenter’s cutter (6,3)

17Amman gone to fetch a Greek hero (9)

19Ideal state of a book? (7)

20Man sees revised letters in a bunch (2,5)

22Beginnings of health and safety plan for door securer (4)

23Keep quiet on woman, notably Kate (5)

25Yawn from little boy at end of term (5)