Solution topuzzle 10780


1Worn-out cars negotiate a slope, Ji (8)

5Tool for Arctic vehicle? (6)

9Part of passenger train with no passenger (5,3)

10Transport for those who are late (6)

12Combat venue has no new patch (4)

13Strange desire to change scene endlessly in houses (10)

15Time to bleat about PC (6)

17Didn’t go out to partake of food (3,2)

20Group extremely ebullient after a month (5)

21New train to a Japanese city (6)

24Agra fussed about protective measures (10)

27A couple of unknowns removed from a group of stars in festival (4)

29No advertisement in Greek islands for vehicles (6)

30One Naxalite leader’s referring to spurring (8)

31Scold engineer’s charge (6)

32Solid figure in part of an automobile (8)


1Sleek cat or sleek car? (6)

2Provide new equipment over to robber (6)

3Mail an advertisement without hesitation (4)

4Avoid the first woman holding notice (5)

6Town fit for a lord (5)

7Wrong credit the journalist ran (8)

8Nevertheless no good service (8)

11A state of confusion in the palanquin? (6)

14Arc around Tamilians’ capital transport (4)

16Laud lavishly, taking a new carriage (6)

17Photographer’s setting for a public transport in Indian cities (4)

18Broaches hesitantly about what used to be known as “growler” (5,3)

19Facts far cooked up over transport for employees (5,3)

22Different article seen in haphazard drive (6)

23Bachelor’s rage for decrepit car (6)

25Girl slashes rate. Marvellous! (5)

26Vessel for a ladies’ man? (5)

28Car figures in reminiscences (4)